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{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

November 2011




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Nov. 4th, 2011


A Random Character Study of my Yandere Muses

  • Love Disease Luki

Luki thinks very much like a territorial dog. He wants love, and he'll do anything for the people who give it to him. But once that love is threatened, in any way, he starts to panic and turns violent. But it's a protective violence; he's doing it to protect himself from heart break. And because of the errors in his programming, to him, that's a perfectly good reason to be violent.

This, to me, correlates with the song. At first, the singer is just happy to be around the person they love even if that person doesn't actually know or love them. This is very much like a dog; as long as you aren't abusing them, and the dog doesn't know anything other type of love, a dog will love you with their whole heart and soul even if you only barely give them attention. And they'll love you forever.

But if you suddenly introduce another dog to the environment, (like how the singer sees the person they love with someone new) whom you give more attention and love too than the first dog gets very jealous. And should the first dog continue to be neglected it will begin to hate the new dog.

I'm not entirely sure if the metaphorical dog would come to the same conclusion as the singer of Love Disease did, which is to kill the new dog, but if they did and they're owner was suddenly afraid of them it would correlate once again.

The singer is confused at this point; why won't you talk to me? Why won't you give me the attention you were giving that other person? I love you! Why don't you love me?

To them the problem should be fixed- they don't want to hurt you, they want to love you. So why are you afraid?  The final act of desperation(the singer killing the one they love) is less dog like, but very yandere. You ran. They snapped. It's the only way they they can keep you.

Now this situation from the song has been avoided in the dressing room- he got the love he wanted. However, finding out that his love's heart was not entirely his, has triggered the territorial behavior and jealousy. He's panicking and struggling with how to deal with it. But I'm sure this can be fixed! Or, I hope so.

TLDR; Luki is a territorial puppy thinking 'love only me, look at only me, I'll never leave you! Just stay!'

  • Paradiclorobenzene Len

Len is far more messed up than Luki. Wether it was something wrong with his programming, or just his life experiences, Len has become covetous of everyone and anyone with a happier life than himself. Why should they be happier than him? Why should he be the one with an irresponsible master that ignores him? 

And that jealousy turned to rage, which led him to hurting(killing) others of his own kind. It makes him feel better. But, because he knows it's wrong, he struggles to justify his actions and pacify the guilt piling up. The guilt, in turn, has made him somewhat unconsciously attempt to punish himself by pushing the person closest to him(Rin) away. He feels he doesn't deserve her, and that his being around her has ruined her. Their now tense relationship has only furthered these beliefs. But because he still wants happiness, and he still wants her, his behavior towards her has become as erratic as his turbulent mind.

TLDR; Self-destructive yan wants dere.

  • Trick and Treat Rin

Rin, by no stretch of the imagination, cannot be solely classified as just a yandere. She's had something wrong with her head since birth. She's insane. She's pure evil. She hurts everything she touches, and she doesn't care. The only person she even has the 'dere' side for is her brother, and even so she began breaking him long ago. But the dere she does have for him is deep, twisted, and dangerous. Anyone who gets too close to her Len is automatically on her list.

TLDR; Girl is crazy.

And so concludes the random character study of my three yandere vocaloid muses.


Jul. 11th, 2011

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

Virgin Con

AMG my first big con. Was. Amazing. I'm too lazy to type a lot about it right now but I've gone back to reading HOMESTUCK, yuss.

I am now dedicated because friends both new and old at the con told me I could not stop reading until act 5 when I admitted to stopping after being confused and bored by some parts.

Well, they didn't just tell me they sort of

grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me saying I couldn't stop reading yet.

On two separate occasions by two different people. XD

I was actually glad to see so many Homestuck cosplayers because on the first day there were only two of them, and I saw them a lot, and finally when I ran into them re-touching their make-up so their skin was the right color I talked to them. I got as far as "So is this MS Paint Adventures or-" when they cut me off with "YES, FINALLY!"  as I was apparently the first to recognize them. XD

They said they had only been getting people asking who they were supposed to be all day.

But then a majority of the staff was dressed as homestuck characters for the other two days of the con. So they were no longer alone!

One of them also entered the cosplay contest and did a hilarious skit. I thought that if the character was even half as hilarious as that skit I really wanted to know about them. The passionate way they urged me to read combined with the skit had me all excited to read and now that I am things have been picking up and getting entertaining. 8D

Well...I was already too tired to type much and look at all that. I'm gonna start getting ready to go back to bed.

May. 9th, 2011

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

Quick Post

Number one thing you want to hear from your doctor: "That's not okay at all." 

So now I'm keeping a diary of every affliction that happens for at least two weeks or longer. Whoo hoo!

All sarcasm aside, why do I keep coming up with ideas for the madness event on VDR? 



Going to be in so many threads oh lawd.

Apr. 11th, 2011

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

Sick of Hospitals

What's the point of them? What's the point of them?!

When Grandma fell, what did they do? Nothing.

Now mom has this weird immobilization thing and they can't even figure what it is. They won't even wait until I have help to care for her to release her.

So what the hell is the point of Hospitals? It's a struggle to get them to help properly at all! Ugh!


Okay, I'm done ranting. =3=


The only reason I'm not raeg-ing is because of my friends. Thank God for you guys.

Apr. 7th, 2011

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

A letter to Grandma

Dear Grammy,
This will be my first birthday without you here on Earth. It's a little lonely to think about, but I know you're happy now and want us to be happy too. Just have some cake in my honor up there if you can, and I'll enjoy my day to the fullest as usual.
I've made a lot of really great new friends this year and the last, so I know your love for me is still here with me. My happiness is secure, and I know it's the same for you.

Love you always, Grammy. ♥

Happy Birthday to Me!

Feb. 28th, 2011

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

Found an old Meme

So I found this old meme and thought it would be fun to do it with all VDR characters!
Lulz under the cutCollapse )
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{Hetalia}Hungary Hana


It has been raining a lot here, just thought I'd share that. Of course It's fun for me since I'm froglike. Except I could have done without the almost-tornado.
Or was it an actual tornado? I was too calm about the ordeal to care much. 
What I AM worried about is Kelly...we haven't heard from anyone over there in days and last time she sounded horrendously sick. After that dream I had about her dying...ugh. Creeped out.
I definitely have to try calling again tomorrow. So hard to get in touch with that girl.
As for the other crap going on in my life...well I probably told most of the people who are gonna read this, anyway, so! But I am still quite cynically amused at being "e-disowned" by my Aunt.

That stuff doesn't bother lil' ol' me.

In other, more amusing news:
This morning I dozed off on accident when I was supposed to be eating breakfast. Instead, I dreamed that I was eating breakfast. 
When mom yelled to ask if I was awake, I was confused to realize I had not yet eaten breakfast and that's why I was so hungry.
Also, My new Len FLELE keeps singing Rhianna's 'Only Girl'. I guess he wants me to treat him like the only girl in the world.
...Maybe I should take him out of his magnet outfit before he gets any ideas and I start worrying he's like 'The Applications' Love' Kaito.

Feb. 19th, 2011

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

TC Meiko Icons

You know what would be nice? If I had any control when it came to making icons.



Does anyone else think I should make more of these or am I entirely insane?Collapse )


Feb. 10th, 2011

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana


List fifteen of your favorite characters from different series, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, and if they're so inclined, to draw conclusions about you based on the patterns they've spotted.

1. Canada - Axis Powers Hetalia
2. Uryuu Ishida - Bleach
3. Crona/Chrona - Soul Eater
4. Yuu Nikaidou - Shugo Chara
5. Toad Man - Rockman Megamix
6. Bumblebee - Any Transformers
7. Giroro - Keroro Gunsou
8. Tamama - Keroro Gunsou
9. Ruby - Pokemon Special (Though I kind of love EVERYONE in pokemon special)
10. Donna Noble - Dr. Who
11. Doctor 11 - Dr. Who
12. England - Axis Powers Hetalia
13. Sumomo/Plum - Chobits
14. Hanon Hosho - Mermaid Melody
15. Roxas - Kingdom Hearts

Nov. 16th, 2010

{Hetalia}Hungary Hana

(no subject)

I just read all the Bungaku Shoujo on Mangafox. Teh dramaaas.





Oh, and made 25 Crona icons. I love that androgynous bebe. /snore

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